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February 24, 2024

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Bugs and Blooms | Obsessivecompulsivegardening’s Weblog

An amazing begin for July, my favourite month by far. The daylilies are gearing up for an awesome blooming interval. We had a lot wanted rain and I believe I’m out of the drought state of affairs. Solely need to  →
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Bulb Time | Obsessivecompulsivegardening’s Weblog

Looks like I had ordered these a life time in the past. This can be a large enough order, however I’ve ordered extra up to now. I haven’t purchased this quantity of bulbs in awhile, so it was so enjoyable  →
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Change of Surroundings | Obsessivecompulsivegardening’s Weblog

Time to alter the view. Pull up a chair to soak up the brand new view. Or possibly a desk for one will do. After all I went for my yearly mum purchasing. Maybe I acquired a bit carried away,  →
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