That is only a fairly put up with fairly flowers that I grew within the heat climate and sunshine of my backyard final 12 months. Take that February, you wretched, wretched month.

Flower Arrangements 2023 12 1

Close to the top of final summer time, when the flowers have been blooming sooner than a teenage woman at a Bon Jovi live performance (how’s that for an extremely fashionable reference?) I made a decision to begin taking images of all of the preparations.

This summer time, after I’m smarter and extra organized, as future me ALWAYS is, I am going to attempt to begin this undertaking a bit earlier within the season so it is not ALL dahlia preparations.

I welcome you to February with these 18 preparations that’ll assist us stick it to the month of waxy candies and scratchy lace underwear.

There is not a single pink rose within the bunch.

Flower Arrangements 2023 10b 1

Blended flowers in silver jug

Cosmos ~ Apricot LemonadeCelosia – Wheat celosia (previously flamingo feather)Sunflowers ~ gifted unknown varietyDahlias ~ Alfred C, Hamilton Lillian, Candy Nathalie, Cornel Bronze, Black Satin, Rock Star

Dahlias & Cosmos in white vase

Cosmos ~ Apricot LemonadeDahlias ~ Alfred C, Rockstar, Cornel Bronze, Hamilton Lillian, A La Mode

Flower Arrangements 2023 9b 1
Flower Arrangements 2023 18 1

Blended Flowers in tomato jar

Celosia ~ Crested Cockscomb, Wheat celosia (flamingo feather)Amaranth ~ Sizzling BiscuitsDahlia ~ Wanda’s Aurora, Cornel Bronze, AC Paint, Alpen CherubCosmos ~ Apricot Lemonade

Dahlias & Amaranth in copper vase

Amaranth ~ Sizzling BiscuitsDahlias – Alfred C, Cafe Au Lait, Cornel Bronze, Wanda’s Aurora

Flower Arrangements 2023 13 1
Dahlias silver bowl 1

Blended Bunch in dahlia vase

Snapdragon ~ Doubleshot OrangeDahlia ~ Rockstar, Cornel Bronze, Yvonne, A La Mode, Unknown (pink)Candy Peas – White perennial

Floating Dahlias in silver serving bowl

A La Mode (x2), Hamilton Lillian, Jess-Lynn

Flower Arrangements 2023 21
Flower Arrangements 2023 6 1

Blended Association in Oh Flora Cove Vase

Dahlias ~ A La Mode, Yvonne, Cornel Bronze, Dollarama Black, Black Satin, RockstarSunflower – Unknown gifted selection (Preferred them a lot I saved the seed for this 12 months)Cosmos ~ Apricot LemonadeCelosia – Wheat celosia (previously flamingo feather)

Flower Arrangements 2023 20

Blended Bunch in tall white vase

Dahlias ~ Alfred C, Rockstar, A La Mode, Cornel Bronze, AC Paint, Wanda’s AuroraCosmos ~ Apricot LemonadeAmaranth ~ Sizzling BiscuitsCelosia – Wheat Celosia

Cosmos & Dahlia in small vase

Cosmos ~ Apricot LemonadeDahlia ~ Alpen Cherub

Flower Arrangements 2023 16 2
Flower Arrangements 2023 19 1

Blended Association ribbed vase

Dahlias ~ Alfred C, A La Mode, Alpen Cherub, Cornel BronzeSunflowers ~ Unknown varietyAmaranth ~ Sizzling Biscuits, OpopeoTomatoes ~ Candyland, Unknown yellow varietyQueen Anne’s LaceCarrot greens

Blended Association in oval white vase

Dahlia ~ AC Paint Cosmos – Apricot LemonadeCelosia – Wheat celosia (pink, pink, yellow)

Flower Arrangements 2023 4 1
Flower Arrangements 2023 3 1

Dahlia Association in glass vase

Dahlias ~ Rock Star, Black Satin, A La Mode, AC Paint, Alpen Cherub

Flower Arrangements 2023 14 1

Hydrangeas, snapdragons, apples, candy peas

Flower Arrangements 2023 15 1

Peonies & Sage in black vase

Peony ~ Purple (unkown selection), Pale pink (Shirley Temple)Greenery ~ Sage flowers, apple branches, candy pea greenery

Dahlias in glass jar

All of the dahlias on this vase are the identical selection from the identical plant – AC Paint They’re fairly the magical dahlia.

Flower Arrangements 2023 1
Flower Arrangements 2023 7 1

Dahlias & Cosmos in glass vase

Dahlias ~ AC Paint, Wanda’s Aurora, A La Mode, Rock StarCosmos ~ Apricot Lemonade

Blended Bouquet in glass vase

Dahlias ~ AC Paint, Alfred C, Alpen Cherub, Rockstar, Dollarama BlackCosmos ~ Apricot LemonadeSunflower ~ Unknown varietyCelosia ~ Wheat celosiaAmaranth ~ Sizzling Biscuits

Flower Arrangements 2023 22
Flower Arrangements 2023 17 1

Blended Association in Ironstone jug

Dahlias ~ Colleen Mooney, Yvonne, Rock StarSnapdragon ~ Doubleshot OrangeCelosia – Crested Cockscomb, Wheat celosia

I will be planting most of the identical, plus this 12 months I am going to keep in mind (as a result of once more, future self is SO a lot better at stuff than current or previous self) to plant extra greenery.

All I had have been flowers however to make good flower preparations you want as a lot greenery as you’ve blooms.

You may be taught extra concerning the kinds of dahlias and the opposite flowers in these posts.

I had fairly good luck with the whole lot, aside from the Henriette dahlia which turned out to be not a Henriette dahlia however one thing else totally. Which is why labelling your dahlias if you dig them up instantly is vital.

Spring begins in …

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