Looks like I had ordered these a life time in the past. This can be a large enough order, however I’ve ordered extra up to now. I haven’t purchased this quantity of bulbs in awhile, so it was so enjoyable to see that field in my storage.

img 3290

My order included 250 tulips, 200 daffodils, 12 allium, 50 hyacinths, 5 crown imperial fritillaria,

img 3291

The Allium bulbs have been like big garlic gloves. I ordered Pinball Wizard which is a bigger blue allium.

img 3302

The hyacinths have been additionally a pleasant measurement. I do plant these a bit nearer and I planted a number of groupings of 5 bulbs. I’ve by no means been bothered by this bulb, though I do usually put on gloves after I dig and plant. I suppose the hyacinth bulb may cause some pores and skin irritation. I had ordered Candy Invitation and Aqua.

img 3312

The soil was already prepped. So it was a simple fulfilling backyard job. It did take a couple of days to get the entire bulbs in, however I wasn’t in any rush. I wished to savor the time. This will probably be a big grouping of tulips

img 3309

I had ordered double tulips this time round. Double Shake and Cunning Foxtrot. I additionally acquired a mix of single tulips that I potted up in giant pots. The pots will keep within the storage till early spring. I additionally potted up a number of daffodils and hyacinths for forcing. I didn’t plan for forcing final yr, and regretted it later.

img 3304
img 3305

I take advantage of glass jars with beads and marbles together with some stones. Filling with water just under the bulbs. This works properly for the daffodils. The hyacinths have a particular jar that I take advantage of. I additionally did a couple of tulips this yr utilizing the water and stone methodology. The tulips will stay within the cool, darkish backyard room for about 12 weeks and the daffodils take 16 weeks of chill time.

img 3298

My pal the Woolly Bear Caterpillar is telling me he’s not certain about winter time. The broader the band the extra delicate the winter, so it goes, So, it appears to be like about half manner, undecided what which means.

img 3331
img 3358

In my gardening space, zone 6a, bulbs could be planted proper up-to-the-minute that the bottom freezes. Bulb time is now up to now. Prepared to maneuver ahead and dream of all of the spring colour. Planting bulbs does take some planning and I suppose it’s true that it exhibits that the gardener has religion and is ready to dream, shifting ahead in time.

Completely satisfied Bulb Gardening.


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